Rivka Karasik: The Religious Runaway (1 in 8 Million By Todd Heisler)

“At 21, the age at which she was expected to marry, Ms. Karasik left the Lubavitch community of Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.”

This photo series is a part of a large body of work entitled 1 in 8 Million. The collection documents the lives of people living in New York City. Todd Heisler, the New York Times photographer that created the series, uses black and white photography throughout.

The use of multimedia in this project gives context to the works. Instead of captioning the photographs with the story, the photographer has allowed the subject to tell their story. Heisler has still had the final say, in choosing which audio clips to pair with which photographs. This has been done effectively, as they often relate directly to the image, and give the viewer the sense that they are looking through a personal photo album, as the subject describes the images. This is much more effective than the photographer talking over the images or just using music to accompany the clips. The use of old photographs adds more to the context of the series. It helps to create a wider view of her life and the history of her previous religious group. They also are in stark contrast to the images of the subject with friends that is shown later, where they are less formal and stood less rigidly.

In an interview Heisler stated, “With One in 8 Million, we hoped to create a portrait of New York City as it constantly changes and evolves, personalizing what is often a city of anonymous faces.”


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