Andrea Lamount: Through Me

Lamount’s video, Through Mefollows a young boy with autism. The video is subtitled, and it is clear from what he says that he is close to the person behind the camera. He seems very comfortable being around her.”I dedicated my life for two and a half years to be his channel, his outlet of expression, and to capture and process everything he thought and felt in the way I knew best, in film and photography. Through Me reflects the intimate and very special relationship we shared.” I intend to portray my subjects with the same amount of care and consideration that Lamount has with hers.


The video begins with the camera focusing on a pool, and pulling to focus on the back of his head. This paired with the sunspots at the start create a sense of warmth, but also curiosity, as we do not see his face for a while. There are lots of vague blurrs coming into focus. This was an interesting technique in creating a clear sense of the environment and building up an image of the surroundings


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