Edits for radio shoot

There is variety in this group of images and they get across the idea that the subject is a hard worker. The close ups of her hand on the desk are effective due to the interesting angle and shallow depth of field. It was interesting to photograph the studio because it is a part of the university that not many people get to see. I wanted to include an image where she is clearly talking on the radio, although that did involve a lot of shifting angles because the microphone was hiding part of her face. In the image that I included she is presenting and also typing at the same time. It implies that she is can multitask.

The over the shoulder shot in the bottom right is a good establishing shot for the environment and would aid the close ups in giving them more context.

“In my spare time I am a nerd so I spend a lot of time doing extra things for my course.”

“I love presenting radio and hope that working at Tone will help me to further my career.”


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