In the home

Many of these images were not useful because they were underexposed. I moved around in the house to try and find better lighting. I was hesitant to use flash because I worried it would be too harsh and unflattering but I think that the photographs in the kitchen and on the sofa worked better with flash. The photograph of Chloe eating a sandwich in a santa costume illustrated her fun side. It was just before a Christmas party and I decided to get a few candid photographs. I also asked her to pose later and thought that the images where she was standing and addressing the camera worked.



These photographs are of Chloe in her living room and kitchen. I wanted to photograph her in her usual surroundings to show what she is usually doing in her spare time. I think that it made sense to include the photograph of Chloe presenting her cake because baking is one of her hobbies. It might be better to photograph her in the process of baking too, as it would also allow a variety of different shots. I might also photograph her whilst she is studying and possibly in a meeting for the newspaper, which she is the founder of. It might be difficult, seeing as there may not be another meeting for a while. I am planning on following her the next time that she reports on an event.

Chloe made this decoration for her room, it’s a flying key from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I felt that it would be important to include it because Harry Potter is such a big part of her personality. “I’ve loved Harry Potter ever since I was really little and it’s still a big part of my life.” I think that this is the most effective of the group of photographs. I had hoped that the ones that were backlit by a window would have been better but they look flat so I thought a darker background might contrast the key better.



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