Bisexuality Video

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Reflection on 3 Minute Video

I feel that the video was successful in sharing the stories of two LGBT women living in Cheltenham. Considering it is a vast and important topic, I feel like a reasonable amount was covered in a short amount of time. I also think that visually it is more successful than the first video, and I managed to parallel the different clips by theme. I struggled to cut the video without it being too choppy but I think in the end it flowed well. I chose to use the song Bros by Wolf Alice in the background because it is relaxing and the vocals are not too distracting.

3 Minute Video Questions

There were questions that I asked in the 90 second video that I think got interesting responses but I did not manage to fit them all into the final edit so I asked those again.


They both were asked some different questions so I think that it won’t be as easy to parallel the clips as I at first thought because I was considering having the questions as text over the videos but now I do not think that would work. I should be able to group the clips thematically though.

I asked them both

3 Minute Video, Ellie Thumbnails


The memory card filled up whilst shooting so I changed over to another one, which is why the screenshots are on separate images. I intended to use natural lighting for this shoot but it was overcast so everything was underexposed and dull. I used lamps and warm lighting to try and make the video look cosy, which I think worked but the video subsequently came out pink.

Cutting the Video

I’ve been struggling to cut the interviews again because a lot of the content was relevant and I could make two or three videos from the footage. The clips in which Ellie discusses her coming out story and also goes into depth about the LGBT+ community are quite long but very important, so I do not want to cut them even though they easily come to two minutes. to deal with this problem I have made  list of what the clips are of and how long that they are so that I can decide what to cut out. The clips of Chloe’s are more concise and there are more of them. I also will probably rearrange the order of them, as I feel that it would be best to end on Chloe’s joke about the pros of being bisexual being “girls.”